Pulse rectifier

Pulse current source for copper-plating of complex printed circuit boards

Project code: L2-6501-1538-06
Contract: 3311-04-8226501
Project type: Applied research project
Lead research organisation: University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Tržaška 25, 1000 Ljubljana
Co-provider's research organisation: Leonardo d.o.o., Kranj, Storžiška 4, 4000 Kranj, Elgoline d.o.o., Podskrajnik 34, 1380 Cerknica


Pulse rectifier


Technical characteristics of the pulse current source:

Input values
Supply voltage: 3 x 400 V
Frequency: 50Hz
Power: 3600 W

Output values
Cathode current (max) IK = 2 ´ 200 A (adjustable by 1 A)
Anode current (max) IA = 2 ´ 600A (adjustably by 1 A)

Duration of cathode pulse: 1ms < TK < 100ms (adjustable by 1 ms)
Duration of anode pulse: 100ms A < 3000ms (adjustable by 1 ms)

Gradient of current pulses: 5 A/ms
Maximum output voltage: UB = 6 V


Operation mode of unit A and unit B

Synchronous operation:
The time parameters of pulse current are identical in both units, while the amplitude parameters are arbitrary.

Asynchronous operation:
The time and amplitude parameters are arbitrarily adjustable.

The same as the synchronous, except that there is a certain phase shift (180°) between the pulse current of the individual unit.

- photograph of pulse rectifier (cut-out, original),
- metallographic image (through-hole diameter is 0.2 mm, board thickness is 2 mm, Aspect Ratio – AR=10),
- course of pulse currents of sources A and B.


Relations between the exergetic effect, the temperature of PEM electrolysis and the flow of hydrogen.Relations between the exergetic effect, the temperature of PEM electrolysis and the flow of hydrogen.