Flex Boards

Flex boards

Due to the advantages that flexible and rigid flexible circuit boards have, the use of these is rising sharply. Our products range from onesided flexible circuit boards to multilayer flexible and rigid flexible circuit boards.



  • excellent bending characteristics
  • easy assembly and installation
  • without the use of connectors (lower price)
  • space and weight saving


Depending on the composition, there are several types of basic flexible circuit boards.


Onesided flexible circuit boards


Doublesided flexible circuit boards


Multilayer flexible circuit boards


Rigid-flex circuit boards


Technical characteristics of flex and rigid-flex circuit boards

Layer No.

  • flex boards: 4
  • rigid-flex boards: 6


  • poliymid Akaflex Krempel (CCL)
  • FR4 (Tg 170°C) Panasonic
  • poliymid
  • stiffener
  • orange fotosensible flex soldermask

Maximum board dimension

  • 270 x 450mm (onesided and doublesided)
  • 270 x 400mm (4-layer and rigid-flex board)

Surface finish

  • Chemical gold (ENIG)
  • Chemical silver

Mechanical treatment

  • laser routing
  • routing