About the Company

Elgoline Ltd deals with the manufacture of printed circuit boards, flex circuit boards and ribbon cables, the renting of its own real estate and machinery, as well as the selling of its own real estate and machinery. It was founded in 1989 – although had existed before this as a workshop. The company has always clearly set out its investment and production objectives, which have been the foundation of its development. During this period, it has modernised the production premises and equipment, and has gained new knowledge of manufacturing technology of all kinds of printed circuit boards.


In 2000, the company purchased Intec TIV Ltd from Kranj, which also manufactures printed circuit boards. The company required large investments in equipment, which was a condition for its further business operation. With this purchase, Elgoline Ltd became the majority stakeholder, 51.5-percent owner, thus assuming the management of Intec TIV.


The company organisation includes the assembly of the company director and the partners, which performs its duties in accordance with the statute and registration. Upon its foundation, Elgoline had only a few employees, however, with the need for increased production of printed circuit boards, the number of employees has grown persistently. At the beginning of 2009, the company had 39 employees.


Elgoline Ltd is a privately-owned company, its partners being Miroslav Levar and Igor Gornik with a 60-percent and a 40-percent share respectively.


About the company